Healthy Changes – for busy people

My first blog post so please be kind!

Its inarguable that we all want to be a little more healthy. For some people its easier to achieve this. For others, not so much!

Lets say you have killer work hours, its impossible for you to take time out for gym, to spend hours making healthy lunches and dinners (most don’t take hours ;])

Few things you can do to get yourself a little healthier.

Try to take as many stairs as you can! As many as you are physically capable of!

Immediately switch from white refined sugar to brown sugar or preferably honey.

P.S. Honey NEVER expires.

Avoid using store bought salad dressings. They usually contain unnecessary amounts of sugar and salt. Not to mention other preservatives and artificial flavourings. Simply dress your salad up with a little olive oil, lemon, black pepper and salt.

Drink as much water as you can. Cut down on sodas and flavoured drinks. No green juice can detox your body like a plain and simple glass of water. Do not wait for your body to start dying out of thirst to get a glass of water. Try to drink a glass every hour and a half or every two hours.

Avoid reaching out to crisps,candies, and chocolate bars as a snack. Once in a while is okay, I mean for how long can you go on without chocolate! Not very long I’m sure! Keep fresh fruits and nuts within close proximity to munch on in between meals.

As a full time student these are the few things I adopted in my lifestyle.

Most important of all!!!! Do not spend your weekends and holidays partying and lazying around. Get yourself to have a good walk, run, jog, or best of all go to your closest gym.

Thanks a bunch for reading!Best of luck :]

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